Do you have a price list for services and technologies?

No. Each service and design work is considered individually. Price depends on the difficulty level of a given issue and the time required to carry out required analysis. If you require a new quote, please get in touch with us using by filling up the form in the contact section.

How long does a quotation take?

The timeframe for submitting the offer will be given after a preliminary review of your request. The exact date will be given by the engineer who will lead your project via email or phone.

Do you have a ready-made, standard designs?

No. In order to provide you the best offer, suitable to the groundwater conditions and the character of construction work, each project we approach individually looking for the most optimal solution.

Do the retaining structures have to be vertical (inclination angle of 90 degrees)?

No. The geosynthetic materials give the possibility of forming retaining structures with different angles of inclination.

Can retaining structures have a different facade finish than concrete blocks?

Yes. Concrete blocks are one of available options. As a design company we can also provide alternative solution to meet the requirements either of Investor or the project specifications.