InorBlock® is an earth reinforced retaining wall system developed by INORA® company. The system consists of vibro pressed concrete blocks, geosynthetic reinforcements (geogrids or wovens), a drainage layer and a backfill. Depending on the wall construction method there are two systems available: an Active Facing System, where the main reinforcements are anchored between the concrete blocks or a Passive Facing System, where concrete blocks are anchored with special geosynthetic inserts to a reinforced soil block.

InorBlock® wall system includes:

  • vibro pressed InorBlock® concrete blocks,
  • drainage layer,
  • geosynthetic reinforcements.


  • ramps and access roads to engineering structures,
  • bridge abutments and wings (incl. an earth pressure relief function – partial or complete replacement of traditional concrete structures),
  • reinforced steep slopes and landslide protection.

Product details:

InorBlock® blocks are usually produced either from concrete C25/30 or C30/37 depending on the project requirements.

Standard block dimensions are given below:

Research & Development

InorBlock® blocks and system are the effect of long time experience of INORA® company in the geotechnical and geosynthetics constructions. The shape of the block provides stability and high friction angle between the block and geosynthetic, allowing to build, even very high structures. Thanks also to the size and simplicity of blocks there is a great easiness of building process achieved. The large pull-out tests program was performed in Kiwa Deutschland GmbH laboratory (previously tBU), providing the detailed data for designers.


  • patented product,
  • complete/ turnkey solution from a reliable supplier (design, static calculations, delivery, supervision),
  • easy installation providing time & money savings in comparison to traditional concrete structures,
  • cost-effective solution among other earth reinforced retaining walls.