Active System (AS)

By the construction of facing walls in the Active System the geosynthetic reinforcements are installed horizontally and anchored directly between the facing blocks (lack of additional anchoring inserts). In the Active System the earth reinforced block and facing wall create an inseparable structure, i.e. reinforcements work in the earth reinforced block and in the modular block facing.

Active System

The construction of such walls is performed by layer-by-layer me-thod: the facing block wall is arranged in the lead and acts also as formwork for the next layer of the earth reinforced structure. This system allows the usage of only light equipment for ground compaction close to the edge of the facing wall. The Active Facing technology is cheaper compared with the Passive System thanks to the smaller amount of geosynthetic materials used. However, the Active System has much higher requirements and lower toleran-ce for the ground type and the quality of earth works. Structures with Active System are possible to be built only in locations (areas) where the risk of ground settlements is minimized, a filling material has high geotechnical parameters and there are no collisions with infrastructure.