During the initial conceptual work and project development, our office supports with the feasibility study for the application of earth reinforced structures. Based on output data such as: initial drawings, groundwater conditions, load characteristics, expected life time of the structure, we will present the possibilities of applying our technologies along with the cost estimation, so the financial outlays of each technology can be easily and transparently compared.

We support with calculations, helping in preparation of the design documentation, specifications, cost calculations sheets and authorized technological solutions.

For already designed reinforced earth constructions, our engineers can support you with the consultancy and verification of adopted construction solutions (calculation methods), so that you are certain, that the optimal solution for this type of construction has been selected.

We specialize not only in the design of retaining structures, but we also provide full engineering support of projects, specially where geotechnical and groundwater problems need to be solved. We help in subsoil reinforcement, slopes stabilization, deformation and settlement control, erosion protection or drainage of structures. We have also wide experience in geotechnical calculations and design works.

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