Passive System (PS)

The main bearing function in this system has the earth reinforced block, which at the first is constructed using the main reinforcements (geogrids or wovens). Simultanously, the short secondary reinforcement inserts are placed for the later anchorage of the block facing in front of the earth reinforced block.

After finishing of settlements and deformations of the reinforced block a final facing system can be installed in front of it, using a layer-by-layer method. The gap between the blocks and the front of the earth reinforced block is filled with drainage layer (for example gravel) and the secondary inserts are anchored between the concrete blocks.

Passive System

In the Passive System the facing is only a final element, giving the last form and shape to the structure. The reinforced soil block creates an independent main bearing element – facing is only attached by the secondary inserts anchored in it. The earth reinforced block can be constructed using movable formworks. The gap between the reinforced earth block and internal part of the facing wall is filled with light, well permeable, material (like gravel or granulates) to minimize the earth pressure on the block wall and to ensure a proper drainage behind the blocks. The facing wall and the earth reinforced block create independent structure, which is the biggest advantage of this system.

In the first step a contractor can build up the earth reinforced block and the facing wall can be installed later, after the subsoil is fully stabilized and settlements & deformations are finished (i.e. a consolidation process is practically completed). The facing wall is easily connected with previously placed secondary reinforcements on some levels of the earth reinforced block. The next advantage of this technology is the possibilty of the use of heavy equipment (like a vibrating compactor) for the compaction of filling material close to the edge of the earth reinforced block. It allows to achieve high level of compaction, which reduces the risk of possible post construction facing deformations. The movable formworks could be easily rented by INORA®.