Reinforced earth

Earth reinforced with geosynthetic materials

Geosynthetic materials for earth reinforced structures enable the formation of steep slopes (up to 70° inclination) or retaining walls ( with a inclination between 70° and 90°). High embankments without properly designed earth reinforced constructions are characterized by a small inclination of slopes, in order to maintain sufficient stability of the structure. At the same time, it is associated with increased earthworks and bulk material supply. Often it also generates extra financial expenses related to the purchase of additional land for investment.

Thanks to the use of geosynthetic reinforcement, the financial outlays related to the implementation of earthworks can be significantly reduced.

Key advantages:

  • Durability of reinforcing materials is adjusted to the period of use of earth structures,
  • Possibility of constructing slopes with steep inclination,
  • Possibility to construct vertical embankments,
  • Limitation of earthworks and costs related to obtaining additional earth masses,
  • Limitation of the area necessary for the implementation of the investment,
  • Safe, quick and easy construction.