Temporary retaining structures

Temporary earth reinforced structures are more cost-effective compared to traditional monolithic retaining walls. They allow the stage work, thus enabling the continuity of work fronts. The applied geosynthetic materials are predicted for the short-term work of this type of construction, what has a direct influence on low construction cost. Additionally if it’s required to dismantle the temporary structure from reinforced earth, it’s much simpler and cheaper compared to monolithic constructions, tight walls etc.

Temporary structures in majority are used to conduct various types of temporary road or railway detours and when stage works are required due to construction of abutments within the existing transport route.

Key advantages:

  • Durability adjusted to the required life time of the structure,
  • Ability to keep uninterrupted flow of construction works,
  • Larger range of staging of construction works,
  • Possibility of creation by-pass routes for communication pathways,
  • Safe, easy and quick construction,
  • Lower purchasing and constructing work costs compared to conventional monolithic or prefabricated retaining structures.