For decades the reinforced soil with geosynthetics also known as Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) has been used mainly in road, rail and bridge construction. Geosynthetic materials often make possible to build a spectacular objects around the world. The popularity of reinforced soil technology is linked with the numerous advantages like: standardized design methods, fast construction process, safety and durability of the structure.

Reinforced soil allows construction of retaining walls with inclination angle up to 90°, relief of bridge abutments – where reinforced earth structure takes over 100% of the soil tension forces, or even construction of bridge abutments made completely from reinforced soil what means fully replacing monolithic concrete structure. Described technology provides also flexibility in the selection of the visible (external) part of the reinforced soil structure which is called the facing.

Two most popular solutions offered by us for the facing are:


small size concrete blocks with split finish (broken stone texture)


steel meshes filled with stones (gabion like)

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We provide technical support for design of reinforced soil structures on each stage of the project. From the initial conceptual work, feasibility study with cost estimates, through tender design with complete material specifications and bill of quantities, till the detailed and construction design.


We offer verification of existing designs, which usually allow us to introduce technical and economical optimizations of the project. We have also wide experience in  preparation of a complete technical proposal for projects, where traditional monolithic construction will be replaced with reinforced soil structure.