About us


INORA Sp. z o.o. is an independent Polish engineering company. Since 1991, we design, support and advise on geotechnics applying modern technologies – mainly in road, rail, engineering and hydrotechnical construction.

We were invlolved in houndrets of major projects and thousends of smaller ones. All objects keep their functionality until now, according to initial technical assumptions. We design and advise in the field of geotechnics. We provide expertises, analyzes and technical designs for engineering objects specially in difficult and complicated ground conditions, where traditional methods are not sufficient, not reliable and uneconomical.

We cooperate with Investors by carrying out designs as well as conducting analyzes of existing projects. For designers and construction supervisors we provide consultancy on specialized geotechnical solutions and contractors we give a helping hand in solving problems faced during the construction phase.

We support our Customers with professional supervision and technical advice at every stage of the investment: concept, design and supervision on the construction site.

The company has implemented and certified management system in accordance with ISO 9001 and Environmental Management System PN-EN ISO 14001.

More information you will find on www.inora.tech