InorBlock® are the small sized vibro-pressed concrete blocks.

The InorBlock® blocks will be produced as the twin element for easy splitting on the construction site.
It makes the production, transport, storage and handling on the site much more efficient.
Below you will see the photo of InorBlock® before and after separation.


Below you will find general guidelines related with the transport and logistics:

  1. Approx. weight of one piece of InorBlock® block is 18,50 kg,
  2. For one square meter (m2) of the retaining wall facing required are 27 pcs of blocks,
  3. For one standard EURO pallet (1200×800 mm) you can place approx. 56 pcs of blocks, what covers approx. 2,10 square meter (m2) of the retaining wall facing,
  4. The total weight of the EURO pallet with 56 pcs of blocks will be approx. 1100 kg,
  5. For one truck (TIR) you can load 20 pcs of EURO pallets, what covers the approx. 42,00 square meters (m2) of the retaining wall facing,
  6. The total weight of the truck (TIR) loaded with 20 pcs of EUR pallets will be approx. 22 tons.

Standard packaging is shown below: